How to maintain replica Omega watches daily

Women grow old quickly without maintenance, and their watches may break easily without maintenance. It would be a pity if a high-end, well-known brand watch like Omega is broken due to non-maintenance, after all, the price of this watch is not low. Nowadays, there are many repair shops that provide fake watches maintenance services, and the price of maintenance costs also varies, depending on the maintenance method you choose.


(1) Daily maintenance of watch straps:


1. The Omega watch strap should avoid contact with water and humidity to prevent discoloration and deformation.


2. Avoid long-term exposure to the sun for Omega watch straps to prevent fading.


3. Because the leather of Omega replica watch bands is easy to penetrate, avoid contact with oily substances or cosmetics.


(2) Regular maintenance of Omega replica watches:


1: Omega watches with mechanical movements are maintained every 3-5 years.


2: The Omega watches are subjected to a waterproof test and appearance cleaning once a year.


3: This not only keeps the replica watch in good running condition, but also effectively extends its service life. However, the above maintenance service only applies to watches under normal wearing conditions, and does not include watches that are worn abnormally or subjected to constant shocks.


Oubuyaqi watch daily wear attention points:


The maintenance of OMEGA watch case, OMEGA replica watches case and case should be cleaned frequently, they can be cleaned and dried with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. can corrode the exterior materials of the watch and can cause skin allergies in some individuals. The protective film on the back cover of the newly purchased Omega watch must be removed, otherwise sweat will remain in the middle and corrode the back cover. Omega watches should avoid contact with various chemicals. Once they are touched, they should be cleaned in time to avoid discoloration, shedding or other losses of the coating.