How to buy a replica watch in Switzerland

Switzerland is the cradle of replica watches and the birthplace of watches. Many of the world's famous brands are made in Switzerland. Today, when it comes to Swiss replica watches, almost no one does not know! Well-known brands such as Rolex, Omega, and Longines are all made in Switzerland. Buying replica watches in Switzerland has more styles than domestic ones, and the price will be cheaper. So many people will go to Switzerland to buy watches.

Expensive jewels, full machinery, advanced design concepts, classic craftsmanship... These are the brilliance of "Swiss Watch". In today's era of global distribution and online shopping, it seems that Switzerland has gradually lost its exclusive rights. However, setting foot in Switzerland and receiving a watch that will soon belong to oneself in a long-established watch shop is still very different.

The Swiss have more sentiments for famous watches than general luxury goods. The distributors of various "Swiss watches" will make beautiful and exquisite packaging for customers, and will also write in detail the source of the watch, the place of sale and a lot of documents similar to Swiss certification. . The service is so considerate, whether it is for personal use or as a gift, the watch will be accompanied by a "birth paper" that has considerable "weight" and "commemorative value".

Although Switzerland is a small country, it is also divided into German, French and Italian. Here I just want to focus on the situation in Zurich, the German-speaking area. If you come to Zurich, Switzerland, you will definitely go to its most famous railway station street (BAHNHOFSTRASSE.), which is the busiest street in Zurich. Although the street is not wide, pedestrians and tourists can still go there. On the road, there are blue Dangdang cars (street trams)-one of the most common means of transportation in Zurich. The day ticket is 7 yuan and 2 Swiss francs. You can take it anywhere in the city. There are many famous brand shops at both ends of the road.


After choosing the counter and favorite watch, please give full play to all your abilities and expertise, and bargain! But this is no better than buying vegetables at the vegetable market, and screaming is useless. Let me give you a bottom line, let's fight for it. A 5% discount shouldn't be difficult to get.

Tax refunds in Europe are divided into two types: in-store tax refunds and airport tax refunds (that is, blue-linked tax refunds). The in-store tax refund procedures are more troublesome and take a long time, but the tax refund amount you enjoy is relatively large, and basically all refunds can be made. The shop refund request takes the tax bill from the meter to the airport and stamps it, and then takes it back or mails it back to the meter. After receiving the tax bill replica Breitling, the meter will proceed with tax refund related matters. Generally, it takes about 3 months before the money is punched in. . Taking Germany as an example, the full tax refund in the store can be refunded to 15.96. Many friends say that Germany can reach 19%, but the algorithm is different. 19% refers to people's tax is 19%, refers to the pre-tax ratio. The airport tax refund procedure is relatively simple, but certain handling fees will be deducted. Taking Germany as an example, if the actual consumption amount is more than 7000 Euros, the tax rebate ratio is 14.5%. In general, as long as the tax refund amount is less than 1,500 Euros, after the tax bill is stamped at the airport, you can get cash directly on the plane.