High-end brand replica watches make others feel it is worth

What is the core of a watch? Many people will tell you it is the movement. They believe that the movement determines the price of the watch, but in fact the movement is only the second factor that determines the price of the watch. The first factor is mainly brand influence. In order for a high-end brand to make others feel that it is worthwhile, it must make a fuss about the movement, and it must be unique if it has something that others don't.

The CAL.1120 used by Omega in the early days is actually the ETA2892 movement. The only difference is that the deck has Omega¡¯s own lettering and the base plate has the Omega logo. Many replica Rolex watches such as Cartier and IWC are also directly used ETA movements.

Cartier replica watches have been selling very well, but the direct use of ETA movements in the early days was considered by many fans that using ETA movements was not worth the price. In other words, the watch of the ETA movement is not considered.

Later, Cartier developed its own main movement 1847MC. Many watch friends discovered through actual wearing that in addition to the movement, there is one more selling point. The self-produced 1847MC movement is replica watches not as stable as the previous ETA movement in terms of performance, and the winding feel is more stable. stiff.

Including many well-known brands, such as Zenith, Glash¨¹tte and other replica watch brands that are self-developed movements from start to finish. Their self-produced movements are more prone to various failures when they are actually worn, and the maintenance rate is relatively high.