Replica Rolex watches insists on simple styles

Replica Watch friends who have a certain understanding of watches know that even two watches of different brands use the same movement. Then the repair and maintenance costs of expensive watches will be more expensive. The repair cost of the replica watches linked to the price of the watch.

Replica Rolex's 31 series movement has always been known for its stability and durability. The reason why Rolex's self-produced movement is durable is mainly because Rolex insists on simple styles. As we all know, the big three-handed main movement and ETA movement are very stable, mainly because of their simple functions, and the movement structure is relatively uncomplicated.

They find someone to customize some popular Rolex models, and install ETA movement by changing the design of the inner groove of the back cover. Use exactly the same material. There is no difference between the error range and durability of the Rolex self-produced movement. The most important thing is that the maintenance cost in the later period will be much cheaper. If the watch is accidentally knocked and needs to be repaired, the cost of replacing the repair parts will also be much cheaper.

Whether it is Omega, Rolex or Patek Philippe, their self-produced movements are all excellent. But they never actively promote the configuration of the Fake watches movement. Because in fact their movements are only 1-3 models, through various small changes, increasing the model of the movement makes you feel that they have many movements.